Adult Indoor Class (MetroRock)

Adult Indoor Class (MetroRock)

Important Info

Full 11-week Session Price:  $165 (MetroRock members only)

Drop-in Price: Member / Nonmember: $18 / $15

Day: Thursdays

Time: 7:15 – 8:45pm

Ages: Adults & Teens (14 – 60+)

This class is open to students of ALL abilities and fitness level. Special focus will be given to beginners wishing to learn the fundamentals of parkour) and all participants will get a great workout and have fun! Students will train to develop strength, speed, endurance, precision, spatial awareness, dynamism, and creativity, in order to be as fluid, functional and liberated as possible in physical movement and to overcome physical obstacles. Students will also start to develop a way of thinking based on rigorous self-discipline, autonomous action and self-will that allows them to overcome mental obstacles related to their movements.Classes will include extensive and dynamic warm-up exercises, instruction in the basic movements of parkour, and a number of strengthening and conditioning exercises to ensure the long-term practice of the sport. As many participants will be from a climbing-background, extra consideration will be given to develop certain skills and target key muscle-groups used in climbing as well as exercises to make participants into stronger and more agile climbers with increased spatial awareness.. All classes will be taught by ADAPT-certified instructors and will be a mix if indoor and outdoor training.

Address: MetroRock Climbing Center 69 Norman St. Everett, MA

Student testimonial: “I had a lot of fun at the MetroRock workshop!  It was a tough workout but mostly because I moved in ways that I haven’t since I was a little kid.” “It’s great to be able to climb and do parkour in the same evening.”

What to Expect

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