ARDV 2014 – One Week Away!!

ARDV 2014 – One Week Away!!

American Rendezvous 2014 is officially one week away. That means that at this moment, coaches from all over not only the country, but from all across the world (have you heard about our guest coach from Korea?! Or how about this one from Scotland? Maybe this one from Denmark will pique your interest…) are flying into Boston and taking up residence for ARDV. This event will without a doubt be one of the most influential and inspiring workshops of the year. You don’t want to miss it.

Here's what you missed last year...

American Rendezvous is the showcase event for PKGA each year. That means if you can only come to 1 event per year, you should come to this one.


Tickets can be reserved here. You can save money on tickets if you purchase them now!

Register with the promo code: latetotheparty to take advantage of this last-minute deal.

We can’t wait. See you there.

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