American Rendezvous 2014 Sponsors

American Rendezvous 2014 Sponsors

We\’d like to do a big shout-out to the local sponsors that are helping to make this event possible.  While this event is very much a team effort on the part of the PKGA team and our guest coaches, we have also had a lot of help from a number of local sponsors, who are helping to feed our coaches, offer discounted food to participants, and help subsidize the expenses of the event to keep the participant costs down and offer “scholarship spots” to local high school students.  They are listed below, along with image links to their websites for more info.

Local Sponsors

Gentle Giant

East End Grill

Brooklyn Boulders

Community Cooks

Machu Picchu

Machu Chicken

Mr. Crepe

New England College of Business


Triumvirate Environmental

The Outlets at Assembly Row

Support By

Shape Up Somerville

City of Somerville

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