BKB Advanced Kids Class

BKB Advanced Kids Class

Important Info

Price: $15 – drop in, $90 – 10-pack of classes

Day: Every Thursday

Time: 6:00 – 7:30pm

Ages: Kids (6-13 Instructor Approval Required)

This class is designed specifically for kids that have demonstrated that they are ready and able to push their training to the next level. Set within the “parkour zone” of this massive 40,000 sq/ft climbing facility, this class features a wide variety of training environments.While it can serve as a complement to our regular kids indoor/outdoor/school classes it is an opportunity for kids to receive more specified instruction in more advanced techniques and challenges and to train with a group of equally talented and hard-working peers to overcome challenges and obstacles. Due to the nature of these techniques, prior approval from a PKGA instructor + completion of the fitness requirement is required.

For additional information or questions contact blake@parkourgenerations.com.


Brooklyn Boulders Somerville

12A Tyler St.

Somerville, MA

Brooklyn Boulders Somerville

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