Boston Women’s Class

Boston Women’s Class

Price: $12 drop in

Day: Every Monday

Time: 6:30-8pm

Location: Government Center Plaza Tremont St, Boston, MA
(across street under sign for Center Plaza 3)

Ages: Adults (14+)

A weekly outdoor class that is just for women and is designed to help strengthen our active women’s community in Greater Boston. Designed to accommodate participants of all ages (14 – 70+) and ability/fitness levels, this class is sure to give you a great workout while also helping your discover and explore your city to new levels!

Students train to develop strength, speed, endurance, precision, spatial awareness, dynamism, and creativity, in order to be as fluid, functional and liberated as possible in physical movement and to overcome physical obstacles. Students will also start to develop a way of thinking based on rigorous self-discipline, autonomous action and self-will that allows them to overcome mental obstacles related to their movements. Classes include extensive and dynamic warm-up exercises, instruction in the basic movements of parkour, and a number of strengthening and conditioning exercises to ensure the long-term practice of the sport.

All classes are taught by ADAPT-certified instructors.

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Government Center Plaza

Tremont St, Boston MA

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