About Us

About Us

What is Parkour Generations?

Parkour Generations is the largest professional organization for the stunning movement discipline known as parkour or freerunning. Working around the world for over a decade, the founding members of Parkour Generations came together to create a vehicle to transmit the incredibly strong benefits and positive effects of this amazing art form. Comprised of founders, pioneers and principal developers of the discipline from across all generations, Parkour Generations is the authentic, original parkour collective.

Our Goal

The work of Parkour Generations is focused on integrating the natural and largely untapped physical and mental potential of every person into their modern life in a holistic and functional way: to make movement and the use of the body a central part of our daily life. This is done through mediums which include teaching, conceptual and architectural consulting, live demonstrations, education and research, media work and artistic representations.

Our Work

Parkour Generations works at the highest level across every field in the discipline; from running the first and largest parkour teaching and parkour certification framework in the world, to providing performance and consulting for all manner of media and professional projects, to giving international presentations to government bodies, to film-making and photography, to corporate team-building and improvement, to leading academic and physiological research on the social, cultural and physical effects of parkour. Our standards are second to none.

Most importantly though, we believe passionately in the enormous benefits this movement revolution has brought and can bring to the modern world and that is reflected in every single project we take on, from the very small to the very large.


Parkour is the ultimate holistic discipline, a true transformative practice that requires absolute unity of body and mind to overcome the challenges and tasks in one’s path. We think this principle of the integrated whole individual can and should be applied across every aspect of one’s life, from training to work to relationships to strategies and much more. Parkour is as much about mastery of one’s own life as it is about mastery of one’s own movement.


The parkour practitioner sees obstacles as stepping stones to enable him to reach his goal, be it in movement or any of life’s challenges. Parkour encourages us to expand our awareness of our immediate environment, in order to better identify potential opportunities for movement, progress and growth. When we begin to see our world through a different lens, our vision of ourselves shifts and grows in accordance.

Functional and Applicable Strengths

Being grounded in real-world challenges by its very nature, parkour expects, develops and prizes functional attributes over all others. Parkour, at its core, is what works in any given situation to complete the task at hand – in physical terms this means the strength, coordination, speed, balance, spatial awareness and agility to move one’s own body across any terrain with confidence, surety and control. In mental terms this means having the courage, discipline, perception and self-mastery to be able to decide upon a course of action and then carry it out as perfectly as possible.


Parkour is you, stripped down and exposed to challenges, tasks and, often, your own fears and failings. But it also provides you with the tools and means by which to meet and overcome these things. Parkour training brings about a deep sense of self-knowledge, as you learn who you really are and what you are really capable of – not merely what you may be capable of. There can be no self-deception in parkour, no delusions of grandeur or false bravado. Either you can do the task or you cannot – and this honesty is what makes parkour such an incredible tool for gaining true self-knowledge, and then for progressing from there.


Parkour will make great demands of you, physically and mentally, and in doing so it will begin to shape and strengthen the spirit. By this we mean one’s character, integrity and core values – those things that are most important throughout life and which need constant work and improvement. The spirit of parkour is one of adaptability and versatility – to be able to meet and understand any challenge, any situation, and to overcome it with grace, elegance and ease. Parkour is solution-focused at all times.


Though in itself a purely individual skill, parkour has always had at its heart a powerful sense of community and social responsibility. To be strong to be useful, one of the original maxims of parkour, is as true today as it was when it was founded. Why become strong, capable and effective if you never use it to help others and improve the world around you? Our idea is always to share our strength and to be of service wherever we can, on any scale – from helping someone with their heavy luggage to launching global ecological initiatives.